Welcome to Ios

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Welcome to Ios

One of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea. Although small, Ios is an island that surprises you with its  long sandy beaches and turquoise clear waters. It is a real jewel among the Cycladic islands. The beauty of its golden shores is complemented by its white colored picturesque settlements where ancient Greek and modern traditional architecture form an unconventional bond. The visitor will be overwhelmed by the impressive sunsets that one can admire in various parts of the island but also discover the hidden gems of Ios, the not so well known sights of its historical and cultural heritage.


My name is Michalis. I was born and raised in Ios and I still live here with my family. For many years, I have worked as a stone artisan and I am proud that my work decorates many beautiful establishments on the island. I love nature and the gifts that nature can offers to us, pure and unadulterated, and that is why I have indulged in the art of beekeeping. I know Ios like the back of my hand, it is the place that has embraced my entire life. I can take you everywhere you want to go, reliably and safely, having the wish to promote my birthplace as well as Greek hospitality, even on four wheels.

Ios the island of light

Ios welcomes you and reveals the secrets of the Cyclades. The endless blue-green of the sea joins with the gold of the sand ...

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