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Ios4U is a newly formed team that offers enhanced transportation services. Our vehicle is new and is equipped with numerous amenities. It can carry up to eight people, along with their luggage. You will enjoy the tinted windows, the comfortable seats and the state-of-the-art air conditioning. We pay great attention to the cleanliness of our vehicle and follow specific cleaning and disinfection procedures. Our main concern is the safety of our passengers in every possible aspect that covers their transport. We employ excellently trained personnel that are strictly obliged to comply with all road safety rules. We have excellent knowledge of the entire road network of the island and we will choose for you the most appropriate routes taking into consideration your own comfort and safety. We will always be on time at the agreed location and we will make sure that you will arrive at your destination without any delay. Our goal and our wish is that you fully enjoy your stay in Ios from the time you arrive at our port, until the moment that you embark on your return ship. Our team has the will and the ability to ensure that your routes are comfortable, enjoyable and safe.

Our sights

The island in addition to the lively nightlife, offers many ancient exhibits, picturesque churches and many other attractions to discover.

Our beaches

The beaches of Ios are famous for their crystal clear waters. In fact, every year several of them are awarded a blue flag. Whether you like organized sandy beaches or the more secluded and rocky ones Ios will not disappoint.

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